I Bought a 1981 Corvette!

I regularly check the classified ads with the hope of finding a C3 Corvette for a reasonable price but, especially, in good original condition.

That search has taken several years as most of the C3s that pique my interest are:

  1. Too much of a project.
  2. The car has been modified.
  3. The asking price exceeds my budget.

I favor Corvettes that are as close to original as possible, something that can be challenging after four decades, but they are out there.

Anyway, I was lucky to spot this one offered for sale about an hour and a half from my home, so I made an appointment to come to have a look and a test drive. And after a week of offers and counter-offers, we reached an agreement so a friend and I rented a car trailer and picked it up.

This video is of the pre-purchase inspection and test drive, and I will have more videos on my YouTube channel as I clean it and bring it back to its former glory, so stay tuned for more!

I hope you enjoy the video!