How to Restore Your Steering Wheel and Make it Look New

This late-model C3 Corvette steering wheel had seen better days. 

But since the seller at the swap meet only wanted $10 for it, I decided to buy it and try a steering wheel rescue of sorts. Even though I've never fully restored a steering wheel.

The leather was a dried-up mess, and you could easily chip it off by scraping it with your fingernail. Leather pieces were missing and what was there was cracked and discolored. Not only that but the spoke paint was chipped along with some rust.

I guess ten bucks was not really cheap considering the horrible condition, but I had a plan...

In this video, I show you how I brought it back to life and service for under $50. Step-by-step.

This is a long video as I felt it was necessary to include as many details as possible. And when you see its original condition you will understand why.

I hope you enjoy the steering wheel restoration video!