Product Review: Bare Bones Premium Dark Shine Spray for Undercarriage by Chemical Guys

I recently washed the front wheel wells on my 1976 Corvette and, although they looked good, they did not look as good as I would've liked them to.

When I bought the car back in early 2015, one of the first things I did was to brush on a heavy coat of Herculiner in each front wheel well, but after four-plus years, they looked dull and faded.

Road grime, dirt, and disc brake dust end up coating everything and they also dull or stain surfaces with predictable results.

My plan was to respray the inside of the fenders with Dupli-Color pickup truck bed liner in order to improve how the whole area looked.

That is until I watched a video where I learned about Bare Bones Premium Dark Shine Spray for Undercarriage by Chemical Guys.

Since it was available from Amazon, I placed my order late in the evening and had it the very next day.

The application of the product is straight forward, but you want to apply it to a clean surface. What's the point of making road grime look pretty, right?

The sprayer it came in worked fine for about five minutes, then the darn thing stopped spraying. I had to use Channellock pliers to take the cap off to find out the feeder tube had come loose. It had one of those caps that are non-removable. Not sure why.

I pushed the feeder tube into the sprayer mechanism to the best of my ability with the help of a pair of pliers and that took care of that issue. Of course, I got some of the product all over my hands.

The stuff is pretty oily so wearing nitrile gloves would be a good idea. Fortunately, the stuff smells good and my hand skin is very supple now (that last part is a joke).

I shot the photo above after spraying Bare Bones on the upper control arm. You can see the striking difference between the treated area and the rest of the wheel well, which looks dull in comparison.

And what a difference this stuff makes!

I used a paper towel to blot excess Bare Bones from areas where it pooled and started dripping. Yes, it's a bit messy and I had to clean the garage floor when I was done.

Blotting the area with either a rag or paper towels will dull the finish a bit, so if you are after a "wet look," just let it air dry.

I think that next time I may pour the Bare Bones solution in a bowl, then use a paintbrush to apply it, at least in certain areas. An old wax applicator pad may also work great for rubber hoses and other small parts, especially the control arm dust shields.

As a side note, I did not spray the product on the caliper or rotor.

Not sure how long Bare Bones lasts and only time will tell, but the results so far seem to be worth the effort. The 4-year-old Herculiner looks like it was applied today. And I believe the thickness of the product will add a layer of protection once it dries.

I did notice that after a few hours the sheen softened a bit and it actually appears to be darker, which looks even better in my opinion.

A few days later, I used my QuickJack lift in order to detail as much of the front suspension as possible. This time I used a 3-inch paintbrush to reach difficult areas but did not care for how it worked. An old wax applicator works much better, in my opinion.

I have to say that the results are worth the effort needed for this job. Having a way to raise the car high enough helps a great deal. The higher the better.

I definitely give Bare Bones Premium Dark Shine Spray for Undercarriage, five stars! Great product.

For more information visit the Chemical Guys website. You can order directly from them or from Amazon by clicking here.

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Bare Bones Premium Dark Shine Spray for Undercarriage

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