Craigslist Score! Triguard Custom-Fit Corvette Cover

Sometimes it pays to peruse the listings on Craigslist since you never know what may be available for sale.

Listed between C3 Corvettes for sale was a Triguard Custom-Fit Corvette cover by Coverking which retails for $174.99 (plus shipping charges), directly from the manufacturer.
Since my '76 is always garaged, a car cover was the last thing on my "wants" list, although it always bothered me that the car would end up with a layer of fine dust just from sitting in the garage.

So when I spotted one being offered for $15 (yes, fifteen bucks), I had to call the seller to see if it was still available. It was, and he confirmed that it was for a C3 Corvette.


I figured that for $15 bucks if it was in half-decent shape, it would be a good purchase. Actually, it was a great deal once I realized that it was a Coverking car cover in great condition.

The only defect was a small (3-inch) tear on one of the sides, but I can mend that. However, the biggest surprise came when I tried to cover my Vette.

It barely fits!

I was totally bummed. Not because of the fifteen bucks but rather because I finally had a car cover. Unfortunately, one that would not fit right.

The label indicating the FRONT of the cover was in place and I installed it properly. So what the heck was wrong with it?

Was it for a different car? The mirror pockets did not line up. I had to stretch it so the front would fit over the front bumper. The sides looked short. It was a total mess.

Well, late this evening I went back in the garage for something unrelated, and as I looked at the car with its ill-fitting car cover I wondered if was installed backward, regardless of what the "front" label indicated.

So I took the cover off, flipped it around, and it fits like a glove!

Sometimes you have to ignore what a label tells you and be creative. And yes, I ripped the label off and will sew it on the actual "front" when I mend it.

So at the end of the day, literally, this was a definite Craigslist score!

Thanks for following my '76 Vette Blog!

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