Corvettes of the 2018 NCRS Winter Regional Meet

The early morning of Thursday, January 11th. started cold and dreary, at least by Florida standards. Someone recently said, "2018 is the year Florida decided to have a real winter." I think most Floridians—including this one—wholeheartedly agree.

As a friend and I took the 1½-hour drive down to Lakeland, fog blanketed the start of our journey, and the threat of another rainy day loomed on the horizon. Fortunately, as we approached Lakeland's Linder Regional Airport, the weather improved considerably.

I have to say that I was somewhat disheartened by what—in my opinion, was—a pretty small group of cars, vendors, and especially enthusiasts. Two years ago the weekday scene was quite different, so maybe the cooler-than-usual weather kept many from participating.

Anyway, I took a whole bunch of photos of C1s, C2s, and of course, C3s for your viewing pleasure.

I am sure I missed a couple C3s, and I hope that more showed up Friday and Saturday. But the ones above were the only ones inside the NCRS hangar.

This nice '73 convertible was parked near the vendors' area.

The '68 below was part of the Fabulous Restorations display and it was, well, fabulous, as was its C2 cousin.

The C2s below are a small sample of Mid-Year Corvettes at the NCRS judging hangar.

This C2 was also part of the Fabulous Restorations display.

And these are some of the C1s that were at the NCRS hangar. Like with the C2 pics above, I shot the ones I really liked.

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