Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Corvette Garage Decor

It seems that every time I stop by the local Hobby Lobby in Orange City, Florida, I manage to find something Corvette related to take home with me, and today was no exception.

While looking at a display of metal signs advertised at a half-off price, I found one that had a representation of both a '66 and a '76 Corvette Stingray, and even though the '76 was blue, it did not matter.

So I quickly parted with $20 plus sales tax and found a perfect spot in my garage for it.

I was also tempted to buy another small sign (see below) but I am trying to stick to the Chevy and/or Corvette theme, for now, so I passed on that one.

Of course, once my car has its new 300+ hp motor under the hood, I may have to go get one of these.

And a few weeks ago, I had to buy a plastic scale model of a First Gen Corvette, which I plan to assemble one of these days. Or years. You know how some of those little side projects get pushed to the back burner.

Thanks for following my '76 Corvette blog.

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