Restoring Factory Exhaust Manifolds

The OEM cast exhaust manifolds on my car had seen better days. And although the engine and engine bay looked nice overall, it seems the first thing people noticed was the rusty exhaust manifolds whenever I opened the hood at car shows.

Something had to be done!

After reading a few articles online, it was clear that Calyx Manifold Dressing was the product to use. It was affordable, easy to apply, and you did not have to remove the exhaust manifolds in order to apply the product unless you wanted to.

The first order of business was to remove as much rust as possible by using a wire brush. Then apply Eastwood's PRE Painting Prep to the area.

I did not have PRE Painting Prep so instead, I used a rag soaked with Goof-Off Remover which seemed to work pretty well.

Calyx Manifold Dressing is a paste with the consistency of shoe polish. As an applicator, I used a clean 1" disposable foam brush, which worked well.

Just be careful not to stain surrounding components. Also, it's a good idea to use disposable gloves for this project.

Once the stuff goes on, you can immediately see the huge difference it makes, as it really looks correct as a finish for exhaust manifolds with the right shade of gray and the correct sheen.

Take your time and your intake manifolds will look like brand new parts when you're done. And if you notice areas where the coverage was not 100%, simply go over them and add more.

Calyx also works excellent on brake master cylinders and even turbochargers. And I am sure it would work just as well on any cast iron part.

After I was finished applying the paste to the manifolds, I took the Vette out for a spin to see if there would be any issues.

Once the motor heats up, you may see a bit of smoke from under the hood, and you will smell the stuff for a few minutes. Both go away after a short while, but the like-new finish remains, which is what you want.

Of course, nothing lasts forever and surface rust will return after about six months. Maybe sooner depending on how often you drive your car.

Road conditions, such as rain, will also shorten the life of the coating.

But as you see, applying it is very easy, and the container it comes in has enough product to maintain your exhaust manifold looking like-new, anywhere from eight to ten times.

Thank you for following my '76 Vette Blog!

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