Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Dual Exhaust System for my 76 Corvette

The original exhaust system was ready to be retired.

The pipes were rusty and dented, and the gigantic muffler cans looked like someone had stuffed a pair of water heaters under the rear of the car.

Even though it looked like it had double exhaust, it was not a true dual exhaust system.

Pipes from the exhaust manifolds made a "Y" under the car, with one pipe cutting across and under the oil pan, continued back to an area right past the passenger seat where they split again into two pipes all the way to the mufflers.

So when I made the decision to have a muffler shop build me a true dual exhaust, I did a little research so the job would be done correctly.

I found a small shop in DeBary that had the factory measurements from the 1975 Corvette dual exhaust system, with the correct bends and angles, so I had them build me a new system using 2½-inch pipes, from the exhaust manifolds all the way to the new Dynomax mufflers I had recently purchased.

A set of shorty headers is also on the "Want List."

Beautiful clean welds are the trademark of a true professional.

Danny at the muffler shop made sure the pipes were tucked in as close as possible to the underside of the Vette. He also ensured there were no rattles with the car running.

As the photos above show, I made sure the complete system was tucked in as close to the underside of the car as possible, especially since Corvettes are already close to the ground enough. I also had Danny shave the tail pipes, so they would not stick out, which looks horrible in my opinion.

One thing that I think I will have done one of these days, is to have the muffler shop ad an "H" pipe to equalize the sound, since I can almost hear what sounds like an echo coming from the exhaust at certain times and, from what I've read, the "H" pipe should solve that issue.

As a side note, there is no room under the car to use an "X" pipe instead.

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