1974 Shark from Buffalo, NY

This beautiful 1974 Corvette Stingray Coupe is owned by Dave Babel of Buffalo, NY.

Dave purchased the car from the original owner in 2022 and has made improvements ever since.

A lot of time and energy has been devoted to the engine bay. This involved stripping the old paint, painting, and detailing, and as the photos show, worth the effort.

Many interior upgrades have also been done, but one item all C3 Corvettes have in common is windshield wiper bays finished in ways unsuitable for a Vette.

The windshield wiper bay detailing project was started in October 2023. Of course living in Buffalo, NY provides enough winter downtime to be devoted to such involved projects, and Dave, wisely, took advantage of it.

So all components were removed and cleaned, followed by hours of painstakingly detailed work to bring them back to life. This effort included cleaning and polishing all the wiper transmission components.

The old wiper motor also received attention as it was cleaned and polished. A new plastic cover was then installed. 

The wiper bay received countless hours of prep work, including removing excess panel bonding and seam sealer, followed by hours of sanding, topped off with beautiful satin black paint.

All the windshield wiper transmission components are original GM parts polished to show off what was already there. Real metal can be polished to a great finish and Dave's wiper bay shows what can be accomplished with lots of dedication and a good dose of elbow grease.

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