NCRS Corvettes: Flight Judging, Swap Meet Winter Regional 2022

An overview of Corvettes at the 2022 Winter Regional event in Lakeland, Top Flight judging, and NCRS Vette literature for sale during the event.

I also visited the swap meet area and saw a couple of the Corvettes being auctioned by Carlisle Auctions.

But even though the NCRS event is held in conjunction with the Carlisle auction, they are completely separate events, something that was clear from the metal fencing separating the NCRS hangar from the auction hangars.

I also had the chance to chat with an NCRS chapter chairman during a local car show, who mentioned he liked the two events being kept completely separate by fencing, so the judges were able to dedicate their focus 100% to the vehicles being judged for Top Flight certification.

So, based on what I heard from both Lance Miller of Carlisle Auctions and the NCRS gentleman, future NCRS events in Lakeland, Florida, will no longer include a Corvette swap meet or a Corvette show. I find that ironic since what attracted me to the Lakeland event years ago in the first place, was the swap meet and the car show to get ideas and inspiration.

All good things...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.