How To Pinstripe Your Corvette

Pinstriping—just like platform shoes, bell-bottom pants, and big hair—screams 1970s and 1980s, which means they are the perfect touch for a C3 Corvette.

But you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars with a professional pinstriper. Vinyl pinstripes offer a cheap alternative that not only looks great but it's also easy to apply and remove if you change your mind.

In this video, I show you how I installed pinstripes on the fenders and part of the doors of my 1976 Corvette Stingray, and also the sport rearview mirrors.

You will also see that even a DIYer with no experience whatsoever can achieve professional-looking results as long as you take your time.

The cost of this project is around $6.00 if you do it yourself. And for that low amount, there's no good reason not to give it a shot!