How To Make a 69-76 Vette Hood Lockpin Alignment Tool

Being unable to open the hood can be one of the most frustrating experiences a C3 Corvette owner can have. Don't ask me how I know.

Since the locking mechanism of 1969 through 1976 Corvettes can be adjusted, this makes it possible for a slight misalignment to occur and that is all it takes for the hood to remain partially latched thus making it impossible to open.

To avoid this situation, a special tool is required so the locking pins are perfectly aligned with the hood latches. And while such tools are available they are not inexpensive.

But if you want to properly align the locking pins today, you can make your own alignment tool with items you probably already have in your garage workshop. If you don't those items can be found locally and for a few dollars.

In this video, I show you how I made one and how to use it to get the hood locking pins precisely aligned so you never have to go through the nightmare of having a C3 Corvette with a hood that won't pop up open when you pull the hood-release lever.