Garage Organization: Rack for Hardware Storage Cases

Many, many years ago, I purchased a bunch of hardware storage cases that have survived the many moves we've been through over the years.

I had built a custom shelf cabinet for them—again, many, many years ago—but even though it basically was a sound design, it lacked structural strength, so it started to fall apart. But for reasons unknown, I kept some of the pieces since I had used aluminum angle stock to fabricate the sliders.

The photo above was taken in 2018 when I lived in DeBary, and it shows the original rack with the storage cases.

My best guesstimate is that I built this thing 20-plus years ago, so the wood was dirty and showing its age and a good cleaning was in order.

I took it apart and sanded the wood pieces followed by a couple of coats of red paint to freshen it up a bit, although I chose not to paint the Birch plywood pieces I used to build the new case top, bottom, and back panels.

I also polished the aluminum sliders to both clean and spruce them up a bit. The picture below clearly shows the difference between before and after

I secured the top, bottom, and back panels with wood screws, and the "new and upgraded" storage shelf was ready to go back into service.

I even made some labels to make locating hardware a lot easier. It only took me over twenty years to finally do that.

And this is an overall view of my workbench with the hardware storage case rack secured in place. My plan is to build other cabinets for the workbench to make better use of the space, and this was a great first step in that direction.

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