C3 Corvette Artwork by Thom SanSoucie

While browsing through the offerings at the Sumter Auto Swap Meet in Bushnell a couple of months ago, I found a couple of black and white prints by renowned artist Thom SanSoucie.

I consider it a lucky find since 1976 Corvette-related collectibles are not plentiful.

I wanted to display the prints at home and found a couple of frames at Michael's and hung them in my living room wall. They look amazing.

And while color prints would've been nice, b&w artwork has an aura of elegance that fits very nicely in any setting.

The prints are highly detailed and, at 11x17 inches, are the perfect size for the spot I chose.

You can always use matting if you prefer a larger frame, or you can have them framed professionally and also get custom matting and anti-reflective glass, for example. I chose a cheaper, faster, and simpler option.

The next C3 Corvette-related item I'd like to get is a large clock for the garage. Those look great on any wall. Plus, a  backlit clock provides just enough light to keep your Vette calm at bedtime if it happens to be afraid of the dark.

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C3 Corvette Retro Vintage Style Advertising LED Lighted Clock