The Art of Miroslav Porochnavy — Part II

After a delay by Hurricane Irma, I was able to finally take my 1976 Corvette drawing to the local Hobby Lobby in order to have it professionally framed.

The staff at Hobby Lobby in Orange City were great and helpful assisting me with ideas that would enhance the drawing and even suggested I choose double-matting which created a red pinstripe effect that matched the red of the car and really made the whole piece pop.

In order to protect the artwork, I chose the basic UV-coated glass instead of the non-glare or museum options, which were just too expensive for my taste.
I think that it will be just fine with my choice of glass since I do not plan to shine a light directly on the artwork.

Everyone who's seen the drawing is amazed by how realistic it looks, and I agree. Miroslav's artwork is truly incredible, and if you own a collector vehicle, owning one of his drawings is a must-have.

Needless to say, a Porochnavy drawing would make an amazing gift for any occasion.

Having said that and taking into account that these are hand-drawn renditions, plus the fact that Miroslav lives in Humenné, Slovakia, you must allow time for the drawing as well as time in transit and customs at the destination.

I had my drawing in approximately 45 days from the time I contacted Miroslav to when the U.S. Postal Service brought it to my door.

By the way, payment was made upon artwork completion via PayPal, and Miroslav kept me up-to-date via Messenger.

And here's the finished product, which Hobby Lobby delivered ahead of schedule. It looks great and the quality of their work is impressive. And the glass really makes the drawing shine.

If you would like to contact Miroslav, visit his Facebook page.

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