Sunday, March 26, 2017

C3 Corvettes of the 2017 Spring Daytona Turkey Run

Two days was plenty for me this year at the 2017 Spring Daytona Turkey Run, held at the Daytona International Speedway infield.

I was there on Friday and Saturday with perfect weather for the event.

I did not see as many C3s as I was hoping to, and probably missed a few amidst the sea of cars and trucks present, which I am guessing was probably well over a couple thousand.

Above: Early morning view of Hwy. 92 in DeLand out of the office window.
Since this is a blog for my '76 Stingray, I have to start by posting a bunch of photos of my car. And since I like to arrive early in order to get a good parking spot, I also have plenty of time to detail it the best I can, especially under the hood.

Above: My car's engine and engine compartment get a lot of compliments which I really appreciate after spending hours upon hours cleaning and detailing while the motor was being rebuilt. 

Above: The most photographed sticker I've ever owned.

Above: A Corvette by any other name...

And here are a few other C3s I happened to spot on Friday and Saturday.

I was really planning to be at the Speedway for all three days of the Spring Turkey Run, but the sun got to me so I decided to just chill at home on Sunday.

My Vette is going to spend several days down in Maitland at Corvette Masters for a few repairs and new parts, and on April 8th I am driving down to Cape Canaveral for a Corvette show at the port. It will be my first time there so I hope we'll have good weather for that event.

So stay tuned, and—as always—thanks for following my '76 Vette Blog!

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