Eckler's 30th Corvette Reunion — Photos

Here are photos of all C3s that were entered for the 30th Eckler's Corvette Reunion at their warehouse in Titusville, Florida, Saturday, January 21st.

Many other Corvette enthusiasts brought their cars to the event, but unless they were pre-registered, they had to park out in the back forty. Consequently, I heard many unhappy comments from people who wanted to show their cars but were unable to.

I was told that the limit was two hundred spots, which were taken up mainly by C4 and newer Vettes. The C7 class was so big that their parking area looked like a Corvette dealership.

Here are a few pics I was able to shoot with my phone of the C3s in attendance.

Yours truly and my '76.

Since it was a judged show, here are two of the judges going over mine. It was a thorough examination and although they did find a few little issues, they were very impressed with my car, and both told me they loved it. That did not translate into a trophy but it was a fun experience.

And these are the rest of the C3s in attendance. 

This was a very cool 1975 C3, with what appears to be a Monza hatch. Very well executed and built back in 1976 by Ralph and Bob Eckler.

One of the judges who inspected my car mentioned to me that, unfortunately, he had to deduct points because of the (lousy) repair the previous owner had done on the rear bumper. I told him that my plan was to have that fixed as finances allowed.

Anyway, after the judging was over, I made my way to the scratch and dent sale area since people mentioned they had greatly discounted prices on lots of parts.

There were lots of fiberglass and urethane front and rear bumper covers to choose from, and when they told me that I could have a rear bumper cover for just $50 it was impossible to ignore, especially when I knew from my research, that those covers sell for more than $500!

So I looked at several and picked the best one I could find. It has a tiny split and a few scratches, but I will find a good body shop to fix it and paint it, and that will take care of that.

I was also able to fit it in the cabin for the trip back home.

So the 30th Eckler's Corvette Reunion was totally worth the trip, for reasons other than scoring the rear bumper cover for fifty bucks!

I met and got to visit with lots of great folks who love and appreciate C3s as much as I do, and that alone is priceless.

I'll have to keep an eye on the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club website for the next Reunion so I can secure a spot well in advance.

Thanks for following my '76 Vette Blog!

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