Thursday, September 22, 2016

The $10 Restoration

You don't need to look at the whole car when you think about restoration.

A car is nothing more than the sum of thousands of parts and, sometimes, breaking it down to small components is the smart thing to do.

Of course, a frame-off restoration is what we all want, and according to most current reality-TV shows, it can be done in a matter of weeks (if not days).

Well, some of those shows really qualify as science fiction, but I digress.

I can promise you one thing, though; if a project is small enough, you can do it in a matter of hours.

Take my '76 Corvette hood hardware, for example.

I started with some tired-looking hardware that required a thorough cleaning, sanding, and fresh paint.

After a good detailing, I chose to spray the pieces with cast paint. Originally they were black, but I wanted them to stand out a bit and look new, and the cast paint worked excellent for this purpose.

The right-side latch also had a small spring, and I painted that one black for contrast. When you're not concerned about NCRS standards, you can do whatever you please.

And, as you can see, I even cleaned and painted the bolts.

But a few days ago, after getting my Vette back from the shop that installed the rebuilt motor which had over a hundred bucks worth of new Grade 8 hardware, things such as the bolts holding latches and hood hinges looked pretty ratty, so I had to do something about that.

The solution, of course, was a quick trip to the local ACE Hardware store to buy a few Grade 8 bolts to replace the original items.

You always have the option to buy Grade 5 nuts and bolts, which are automotive grade and perfectly suited for this project. But I really like the look of the cadmium plated Grade 8 hardware, so for a little more money, I chose those.

And, as previously mentioned, I also replaced the hood support and hinge bolts.

It really is all about the small details when it comes to a restoration, regardless of its complexity. And, as in this case, for less than $10 I purchased brand new hardware that makes these components look a hundred times better.

Needless to say, this is a very easy and quick project that anyone can do in a matter of hours, and one that will make your car look that much better.

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