Painting the Water Pump Chevy Orange

About a year-and-a-half ago I had the water pump replaced, but it recently developed a tiny seepage, so my mechanic recommended I get a new one.

Since this one came from Napa, it had a lifetime warranty, so today I got a brand new water pump. I had painted the previous one with cast metal paint which looks sort of okay. But now, since I want the rebuilt motor to look correct, I decided to paint it Chevy Orange.

First, I gave it a coat of VHT (Very High Temperature) primer followed by a couple of coats of VHT Chevy Orange. Once the last coat was dry, I gave it a final coat of VHT glossy clear, which matches the finish of the ceramic paint the shop used for the engine.

Both the VHT primer and paint dry very fast, which is a good thing when you have to paint outdoors.

Today Mother Nature did not make things easy for me since the wind was blowing quite a bit and, for a second, a rogue cloud sprinkled a few raindrops which forced me to take the freshly painted water pump back in the garage.

I also gave it a thick coat of VHT glossy clear which really brought it to life.

Tomorrow I will drop it off at the mechanic's so they can have the motor ready for Monday next week. They tell me my car should be ready by mid-week.


So stay tuned for more updates and the upcoming test drive in a few days.

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