Monday, August 1, 2016

Firewall and Engine Bay Detailing | Part 6

Glad to be done with sanding and painting, and happy to say that my Corvette's engine bay is 99% done!

Save for a few bolts to tighten down and a couple of wires to plug in, this thing is ready for the few pieces that are getting powder coated and the freshly rebuilt engine to be dropped in.

I am very pleased with how the Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating textured finish looks on the firewall, and the wiring cleaning and detailing turned out great, too.

Plus I also took this opportunity to replace the coolant reservoir/overflow tank, since the original one was dirty and had turned an ugly rusty shade of brown, so a new one was warranted. I also ordered a new cap, of course.

I also polished a few of the a/c lines since the contrast of the polished aluminum looks really striking against the black satin finish of the inner fenders.

And I'm also very pleased with how the windshield wiper motor turned out. The gloss black bottom really adds a neat touch to an otherwise dark firewall, not that anyone will ever see it once the motor is back in.

After picking up a few of the pieces that were powder coated from Topp Coat in Orange City, Florida, I started by installing the hood locks.

Very pleased with the contrast that the powdercoated pieces provide under the hood. And even though a lot of them will be hidden, for the most part, I know how great they look and that they will be protected from rust for years to come.

The use of Grade 8 hardware, as well as the hood lock springs being gold, also provides a nice subtle touch of class for an area that no one expects to have a high degree of detail.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that I was so happy and impressed with the beautiful results of the powdercoating, that I commissioned Topp Coat to redo my air cleaner assembly, even though it was powder coated recently by another Central Florida company.

What can I say?

I just love the quality of the work these guys provide.

Thank you for reading my 1976 Corvette blog.


  1. hi where can i find the complete piece of the 3rd pic from the bottom

    1. Hi. Try or eBay:


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