Rebuilding and Upgrading the Corvette L-48 Engine | Part 2

Mark at Sunrise Automotive, sent me a couple of pics of the engine removal.

And—as promised—they made sure the fenders were protected while the operation was underway. You gotta love that.

Mark wasted no time and the motor is at the machine shop already. He also removed the exhaust manifolds so I can clean them up and spray them with high-temperature paint I got at the last NCRS meeting in Lakeland.

Even though I am aware that headers add a few horses, I do not particularly dislike the OEM exhaust manifolds. Actually, I think they look cool when they are new. The paint I got is a factory cast finish which will look great next to the Chevy orange.

By the way, Mark will paint the engine when it's finished, and I decided to have him spray the intake manifold for a more consistent look. I guess this thing will turn out to be a sleeper under the hood, even though that wasn't my plan.

Mark even arranged for C&S Towing to pick up my Vette from the shop and have it delivered to my house.

The driver was super nice and helped me push the car into the garage. And the surprise of the day was when he whipped his phone out and showed me pics of a 1959 Corvette his father-in-law owns, as well as a ZR1.

Yeah, he gets to drive both cars pretty regularly.

I guess Corvette lovers are everywhere!

As soon as the Vette was back safely in my garage, I went to the local Walmart and bought three big bath towels to protect the finish while I detail the engine bay.

And being a little OCD, the day before I prepared the garage so the mess that cleaning the engine bay will make, won't stain and ruin the floor.

Stay tuned for Part 3, and thank you for following my 1976 Corvette restoration adventures.

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