Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Powdercoating by Topp Coat in Orange City, Florida

You never know for sure what results you'll get from a new shop, whether it's bodywork, paint or—as in this case—powder coating.

Well, the guys at Topp Coat in Orange City, Florida, did an incredible job with the parts I wanted done. They turned out so nice and glossy, they really look like wet paint.

The only way to show how great they look is through photos, even though it is hard to really capture the full effect of the finish, but at least you'll get an idea.

I am really tempted to have them redo my air cleaner assembly, which I had powder coated a while ago by another shop, and even though it looks fine, it pales in comparison to the results these guys deliver.

So, if you need powder coating for your project, I cannot recommend Topp Coat enough.

Here's their contact information:

Topp Coat Powdercoating & Hydroprinting
970 Shadick Drive
Suite 3
Orange City, FL 32763

Phone: 321-307-TOPP (8677)

UPDATE 2/1/2018

I am sorry to report that the folks at Topp Coat decided to close shop last year.

As it usually happens with small businesses, owners are sometimes forced to close their doors due to financial challenges and—although I am not privvy to the financial situation at Topp Coat—I am saddened by the fact that they had to close, especially since their service and wuality of their work was awesome. LHJr.

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