Firewall and Engine Bay Detailing | Part 2

Today, I started by removing the engine bay hood lock assemblies, but I made sure I marked their exact location on the firewall, to make sure the hood will close and open (especially open) with no problems when I reassemble the whole thing.

I also tagged and bagged all related hardware to make my life easier during reassembly.

I then proceeded to sand the areas that will be painted, but I still need to Bondo® a few areas to make it look its best. And I plan to use bedliner spray for good coverage.

And even though the small area shown below does not appear like much, what you see is the result of at least an hour of scraping and sanding.

I also started prepping the passenger side of the engine bay, and my plan is to remove as many components as possible to make it easier to paint and for the end product to look its best.

I think I will order a new air conditioning blower motor resistor since mine seems to have operational issues when I try to turn it on. They are not that expensive, and now's the time to replace it.

Not really sure how these units fail, but there's no point in trying to fix this thing when I have lots of work ahead of me if I want to get the engine bay finished within reason.

I also removed the windshield wiper motor and decided to detail it a bit, which included some sanding, polishing, and painting. I think the results warrant the time spent.

Thanks for following my '76 Vette Blog! And stay tuned for Part 3.

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