Corvette Mystery Science Theater

'How many of God's laws
do these cars violate?'
Sometimes I come across images on the web of "modified" Corvettes that would make Crow T. Robot say, W. T. F!

The resulting byproduct of these mods range from absurd to comical to fugly to—in some rare instances—ingenious, but at the end of the day, 99% of them are just plain wrong!

Of course in this day and age of Photoshopped images, you never know which ones are legit.

Having said that; if you witness one of these Corvette-abuse cases in progress, please notify your nearest NCRS office.

Just kidding! Simply snap a few pics and share them with the rest of us.

Above: I could've told this guy, "That ain't gonna fly!"

Above: No pesticides were used for the destruction of this Stingray.

Above: Just a good ol' boy.

Above: Crow T. sez, "Ummm... sorry, I got nothin'." 

Above: This one comes with a matching luggage set. 

Above: I've owned a couple of Elcos, so I kinda like this one. 

Above: Crow T. sez, "Giant Gila Monster?" 

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