C3s on TV

If like me, you are a C3 enthusiast, there's no such thing as too much information, especially when it comes to videos and TV shows.

And there are plenty of videos on the web. A quick Google search for C3 Corvette videos, reveals over 89,000 links.

They run the gamut. From buying tips to restomods; from exhaust sounds to performance, and everything else imaginable in between.

Some of them are produced really well, but the great majority just plain suck!

But if you're looking for good and clean entertainment value, you can always turn to television.

TV shows such as Wheeler Dealers, FantomWorks, and Garage Squad, have given the C3 Corvette its due on the small screen, although FantomWorks' Dan Short clearly is not a fan of "rubber bumper" Corvettes.

And I can understand his views on this, as 1973-on C3 Vettes had to conform to stricter federal standards both on safety as well as emissions, resulting in detuned cars with different styling, which meant the end of the chrome bumper era.

Wheeler Dealers Trading Up is a spin-off of the original show, where Mike Brewer—one of the stars of the show—trades his way around the globe hoping to get a more valuable vehicle each time, and one of the shows included a 1972 C3.

Then, in the late June episode, Wheeler Dealers buys and fixes a 1968 Corvette that Mike then sells to a buyer in California.

Although you cannot call it a complete restoration, Edd (the guy who actually does most of the wrenching on the cars), makes the '68 run properly and look good again.

It is worth mentioning that the buyer tried to sell it on eBay. Not sure why he wanted to sell it since it appears to be a fine Vette, but there's always the possibility of someone trying to bank on the car's TV fame.

FantomWorks has also restored a couple C3s: a 1970 and a 1977 "rubber bumper" model in a couple of shows.

I have to admit that if the owner of the '77 really spent the amount of money they were talking about, it was a crazy decision, regardless of sentimental value or model year.

And finally, the Garage Squad rescued a 1969 Stingray plagued by all sorts of gremlins.

Needless to say, there are other Corvette TV shows that cover every generation, such as Corvette Nation, as well as many other general automotive shows that include C3s from time to time.

As a matter of fact, Peter Klutt of Legendary Motorcar did an excellent segment on a 1969 Stingray L-88 a while ago. Not really sure how Peter manages to locate such cars, but he's a master of sleuthing when it comes to rare and desirable automobiles.

I cannot end this article without mentioning the Hot Wheels 1968 Corvette built by the guys at Gas Monkey Garage for one of their Fast N' Loud segments on the Discovery channel. The car was sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction this year for $132,000.

And while I am not a fan of crazy-looking Corvettes, here's the trailer to the movie that fueled my love and passion for C3s back in 1978... Corvette Summer.

So, if you have the time, there's plenty of Corvette footage out there to be discovered.

Thanks for following my '76 Vette Blog, and happy C3 watching!

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