New Power Steering Control Valve and Hoses

A few days ago I noticed my Corvette was marking its territory. Again! But this time it wasn't motor oil what I found on the floor, but power steering fluid.

I was unable to pinpoint the exact cause, so I had the power steering control valve and the four hoses (links at the end of the article) replaced this morning. This cured the leak and, as a bonus, the steering feel was improved considerably.

Here are a few pics. You gotta love new parts.

Replacing the power steering control valve is not difficult if you have a lift, plenty of tools as well as a small "pickle fork" to separate the pitman arm from the assembly. Having said that, it helps to know what you're doing and it is a messy job, so I chose to let a professional mechanic handle that task for me.

And, since he had the car up on the lift, I also had him install a remanufactured heavy-duty ACDelco starter, which the shop had ordered for me a few days ago since mine was making grinding noises every once in a while.

For $59 it was a no-brainer so in it went!

It works beautifully and smoothly. Fingers crossed that my flywheel is okay. As you know, old cars are never 100% done, so the "funds" never end.

Thank you for following my '76 Vette Blog!

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Power Steering Control Valve
Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly | ACDelco 36-352490
Power Steering Cylinder Line Hose Assembly | ACDelco 36-353850
Power Steering Cylinder Line Hose Assembly | ACDelco 36-353900
Power Steering Return Line Hose Assembly | ACDelco 36-352177
Starter Motor - Remanufactured | ACDelco 336-1870