Friday, January 8, 2016

1976 Corvette Firewall Detailing

After spending countless hours restoring the wiper bay or compartment area, as well as the hood surround lip on my Corvette to better-than-new condition, the visible top portion of the firewall looked horrible.

Faded paint and areas where the gray fiberglass showed through made the engine bay look old and tired.

Not only that, but the previous owner, at some point, detailed the engine bay by spraying paint around the area, including wiring and other components.

The whole area looked bad.

The Vehicle Emission Control Information decal had also seen better days, so I ordered a new one from one of the many Corvette part vendors available.

If you need to order decals, or any parts for that matter, always compare prices as they can range significantly, and some vendors offer free shipping.

I also cleaned the wiring with Goof-Off and mineral spirits, but after so many years and the heat generated by the motor, they too were starting to show signs of age, so I used black wiring conduit to help hide them.

I masked everything and painted the areas with a couple of coats of Eastwood's Underhood Black paint which, as the photos shows, yields excellent results.

After the paint had cured, I applied the correct decals and also used new washers, nuts and bolts for certain visible components.

I also took this opportunity to detail the hood lock/release mechanism and installed a new cable.

Here's the detailed hood latch on the passenger's side of the firewall. Fresh hardware are the kind of small details that can make a huge difference.

And I also placed a new repro Harrison A/C decal on top of the heater/evaporator blower assembly case. The original one was placed down the right side of the box which hides it completely.

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