For Sale

Over the years I've replaced many parts on my '76 Corvette. Some of the ones I removed, I kept just in case since most of them are perfectly usable and could be rebuilt.

But I've decided to part with some of them.

Vette parts can be expensive, especially OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, but as an enthusiast, I've priced the ones listed here fairly.

Buyer to pay for shipping charges unless otherwise noted.

I accept payment through PayPal. Please contact me via email if you're interested in any of the parts listed.

Thank you!

1976 Corvette 4-speed factory shifter. This one is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, that came with my car. I replaced it because I was told it was causing a rattle. It was not the culprit so I purchased a new one.

I recently completely disassembled this unit, cleaned it, and rebuilt it. Includes an almost-new black shifter knob and the reverse lock-out release lever.

My Vette has the Borg-Warner 4-speed tranny, but I think this shifter will also work with other factory-installed transmissions.

$175 Price includes shipping in the continental US.

Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor. Completely rebuilt with ACDelco components and ready to install and tuned-up (idle mixture screws will have to be adjusted). This carburetor will work for either a manual transmission or automatic C3 Corvette.

Carburetor No. 17056228.

170 = 1976 and later
5 = 1975 to 1979
6 = 1976
2 = 4-barrel carburetor
2 = Chevrolet
8 = Automatic Transmission

$145 Price includes shipping in the continental US.